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Saturday, January 1, 2011





I have just received a lovely email from my new craft friend Lynda Shrimpton (click here to check out blog).

Lynda and I have met through a Chat Room during the We Stamp for Lara fundraiser. She has been such a wonderful person to chat to, encouraging with my paper craft projects and always has something for me to have a giggle about. The world is always a better place if you have a good giggle daily LOL.

Anyway she has sent me a fabo 'Stylish Blog Award' ... Whoop whoop, how lovely of her!!!

Now as with most awards, this comes with conditions and these are....
# thank and link the person(s) who gave it to me (done)

# share 8 things about myself (below)

# pass it on to 8 others (see bottom of this post)

# let them know about the award (check)


8 things about myself:

Where do I start???

1. I have been married for 3.5yrs and everyday I love my Stevie more and more (I can all hear you going ohhhhh LOL)

2. We have a 2.5yr old son, who HATES to sleep!!! He is terrible and that is the main reason why there is only currently 1 child.

3. I grew up in South West WA but have lived in Perth, Port Hedland and now currently Nhulunbuy NT.

4. I have travelled most of Australia including Tassie but not really seen QLD just Cairns and the Daintree. We have done Uluru and had Champange on the roofrack while watching the sunset - magical!!!

5. I have been overseas to a few places, NZ, Bali, England, Vanuatu, Thailand. Would love to do more overseas exploring including New York just before Christmas too see all the decortations and hype!

6. My Husband and I (and son) are about to embark on the BIGGEST adventure of our lives. We are buying our own business, Denmark Mechanical Repairs in Denmark, WA. We move from NT in 7days but don't take the business over until 18th Feburary. We are both really looking forward to it but wish it was tomorrow, hate the waiting game.

7. I am currently at the fattest I have ever been YUCK, but am hoping to change that once settled into the business (and had the 9 nights in Bali*smiles*).

8. I have got my Certificate 3 in Child Services (Child Care), my Certificate 3 in Business (Administration) and am currently studying my Advanced Diploma in Accounting but have had to put it on hold since I have been so sleep deprived ... once all the children (that is if we have more) are at school I hope to finish it off and then maybe look at setting up my own book keeping business but that will all depend on the Mechanical Business and of course the Children :0)

Well I hope that has given you a bit of an insight into ME!!!


Now 8 people to pass this onto:

1. Lisa Jansen, (my wonderful Stampin' Up! upline)

2. Belinda Greenhalgh (Part of Lisa's downline and a stampin' buddy)

3. Madonna Dunn (We Stamp for Lara was such an awesome advent!!!)

4. Alisa Tilsner (for all the wonderful incentives and encouragement to keep my Stampin' Up! business plodding along)

5. Kylie Bertucci (A blog follower who also has wonderful creations)

6. Danielle Daws (Just Add Ink, I love the challenges and the hard work the girls put in)

7. Amanda Reddicliffe (Just Add Ink, I love the challenges and hard work the girls put in)

8. Bronwyn Eastley (on the Design team at Just Add Ink but I love her work)

I hope you are all having a wonderful New Year, and just for laughs I thought I would show you the start to 2011 for us. My Son playing in the monsoonal down pour in the back yard...what are we going to do when we move down to the very cold weather and he wants to run outside naked when it is raining???


  1. You are more than welcome for the award Miss Katie!!! I loved reading the things about you(and ur family). I had a massive chuckle at the pic of Lachlan...only realised after a closer look that he was in the nuddie!!! Cheeky monkey!! I am also gunna take a squizz at some of the awardees. Take care of you and your crew. Thinking of you. ooxx

  2. Oh thank you so much for the award Katie! How sweet - you made my 1.1.11! I appreciate your kindness of thinking of me.

  3. Wow! Thank you so much! :-) Loved reading your 8 things. :-)

  4. Awww, thanks sweet!! I will do my very best to get it up on my blog. I am finding it hard to get motivated right now!! Mwah xxx

  5. Thanks so much, Katie. Much appreciated. All the best with your new business venture and enjoy your time in BALI - I loved it there!