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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'M BACK!!! Part 1/3

What a full on couple of months...We are now very settled in Denmark WA, and running our own business "Denmark Mechanical Repairs". It has been extremely busy but of course I have found time to 'play' in my new craftroom.

Today I would like to share with you a box full of homemade cards to give to both my Nans for their birthdays. We don't usually buy them presents but they always comment on how lovely my cards are I thought they could have some to use themselves. I have made all the cards very very different and to be able to make them very quickly I decided to use the base of the cards the 5 in-colours and then pulled out my colour coach - TA DA, 20 cards in 1/2 a day...pretty proud of that *smile*

I am in a bit of a rush so only photos today - SORRY, if you would like any info on the cards please leave a message or email me. (and a BIG sorry about the quality of the photos)
Check out the above post for the rest of the photos

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  1. Hey Sweetie...I finally made it back to you. Time just evaporates don't it?? I love the idea of giving a box of cards as a gift...may have to put that in a neurone for later. I think my fave is the Lap Of Luxury card...alto they are all brilliant. I am so glad to see you crafting again and am wrapped that all is going well in Denmark. ooxx