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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

So Busy!!!!

What a busy month. Unfortunatley I have been unable to keep you regularly all updated as promised. I have an excuse though (if your willing to listen LOL), we have decided to change programs at our new mechanical business and WOW what a BIG job, I have had to enter everything in manually so it has been a mammoth job! Most of it is done now and we are hoping to use it as of the 1st of May. Fingers Crossed!

Here are a few things I have made over the past month to share with you.

First, my 4th anniversary card I made for Hubby, and my attempt at a pop up card:

Second, a birthday card for a friend

Third a birthday card for my brother in law (not quite sure why it is sideways as I saved it the right way, oh well!)

Hopefully I will be back in the next day or two with so other exciting creations.


  1. I love these Katie. Congrats (again) on ur anniversary. We have ours in abt 10 days time (same day as Mother's day), but I am v v confident that it'll be the same this year as for last....NADA!!! The pop up is so v v well done. I love the layout and look of the sideways card....perhaps you may have been feeling a tad sideways too given all that you have been doing lately?? Great cards all round darl'n. ooxx

  2. Wow you have been busy.
    I love your cards.
    Congrads on your Anniversary.
    Take care of yourself.