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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

50th Dress up

Over the weekend we joined some lovely family and friends and celebrated a 50th Birthday. It was a dress up theme, over 50's school kids, under 50's geriatrics. It was a fun night with games and heaps of laughs, unfortunately Mr 2 had decided that morning to get up at 4.55am and didn't really have a good day sleep so we ended up leaving the party early and missed out on the wonderful and fantastically decortated cake (decorated by a daughter of the birthday girl). Luckily we were staying at their house so got a slice the next day....

Anyway enough babble, I really didn't know what to get for a present so I decided to make a cute box with 20 'gift' cards, well they were supposed to be gift cards but ended up 10x10cm so not that small after all. There was 4 different designs and 5 of each. I then made a matching box to hold a 9 pack of Ferrero Roches (sp)
The Cards


The Gift Boxes


Us dressed up...

Me and Mr 2 (don't you just love sandles and socks... "Oh my, my feet are so sore with all my corns, the socks really do help" LOL)

Hubby and Mr 2 (I am thinking Hubby was putting the 'Old Man' slouch into practice LOL)

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  1. You and the Mr's look so cool Katie....I love it. Doesn't Lachy think he's all that??? LOL!! BTW....don't knock sox to you really do need em....hee hee hee. I love the gift(s) you can guarentee that there ain't gunna be a double up there at all. So well done you talented young hag!!! ooxx