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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Craft room Tour - at last!!!

It's finally here, my craft room tour.

My sweetest husband, Steve, has only just finished putting the last bits together for me including the child safety gate... my 2 year old is now at the understanding that you DON'T touch mummy's craft stuff but you just never know when other little fingers will be around so better to be safe than sorry.

I was promised when we left the Northern Territory I would be allowed to choose what sort of desk I needed (*wanted*) for all my craft as before I had off cuts of all sorts of wood to make my desk usable (and with a very craft husband it wasn't too bad at all) so I had a few idea's in mind UNFORTUNATLY we had to rent a house so I really needed something easily movable and also something that could be used for other things depending on where we were living. So where did I go shopping... IKEA of course. Now what I got wasn't really what I was after but with it being 1/3 of the normal price we decided Steve (yep not me but Steve) could make it work and I LOVE IT... It is awesome and so very very versitle I could put it anywhere, with all sorts of different designs and it would fit in and work so well.

I have also made a few other little purchases, ribbon rack from Craftainers, cane baskets from K-Mart, office chairs from Harvey Norman and child safety gate from Target.

Hope you all enjoy the tour and if you have any questions on the furniture etc please leave a message.

xxx Katie

PS I have tried my hardest to do a video but I just can't get it to work so might need to invest in a different video program. If you want to view a video you can see it on Facebook!/video/video.php?v=10150168715928595&oid=166624910043088&comments

Here are some pictures instead!

This picture is looking from Toyroom area into craft space:

Looking from different angle:

My nice BIG (and currently tidy) desk:

I keep all my colour family card stock in folders, I have a plastic protector sheet for 1 packet of colour and I also have a protector sheet for each colours scraps. That way I don't forget to use the scraps up:

My new ribbon holders, they have doors that close up and you can take them with you without the ribbons getting all messy:


  1. You realise how insanely jealous I am of your space Katie......I can't go any greener!! Looks so lush and spacious. Can't wait to see what comes out of it. ooxx

  2. Ditto with Lynda, your craft space is gorgeous.
    The perspex is a great idea.
    You are not a bad mummy, you and Lachy will be able to play together.