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Monday, May 30, 2011

Dragon, Fish & a Racing Car

What does a Dragon, Fish & a Racing Car all have in common ....

Being on the front of a Child's birthday card *smile*

Now this first very awesome card was cased from the lovely Helen over in NZ.

What cutie of a dragon, I have made the card square 12cmx12cm and added some paper piercing but otherwise the dragon is pretty much the same as Helen's. ________________________________________________

This next card is a case from the happy and gorgeous Madonna Dunn. She made her cards as invitations for her son but what a great birthday card to give to a fisherman (well a fish enthusiast)!


Now for the last card, I am sure you can all guess who the racing car is supposed to be... I am not an artist and well can't do shading so hence the (as my hubby put it) "a stretch limo been squashed with a lightning stripe down the side" ... anyway my nearly 3yr old knew straight away who it was and thats the opinion that counts as we were giving it to his little mate.

It is sort of punch art with ALOT of modifications *smile*


  1. Oh snap miss Katie...I forgot u read Helen's blog...I was gunna do that card as a surprise for Lachy...LOL!!! Ur paper piercing is MAGIC BTW. The fish are FAB and you know how I feel abt Lightning McQueen...ur just too good...what can I say?? ooxx

  2. AB FAB cards Katie.
    I love them all.
    Thanks for the link to my blog.