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Monday, May 30, 2011

Playing & creating with a friend

I had a friend come and visit with her hubby and two kiddies the other week and stayed the weekend. It was lovely, we hadn't really caught up with each other for about 4yrs so the catch up was very special ...

Anyway being the good mothers we are we left the children outside with their dads and decided it was MUM TIME in the craftroom ... WOO HOO

My friend hadn't really stamped before and she wanted to make 3 cards. A card for her sister who was due any day with a little girl, one for her son who was about to turn 4 and one for her soon to be 2 yr old girl.

These two cards she made herself (with a little guidence):

By the time we got to the 3rd card the children were getting hungry, so my friend decided to go and organise her kids for dinner and while she was doing that I whipped up this card for her little 2yr old girl for her.

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  1. Geez ur a ripper friend. I love all of these cards Miss Katie. Also for a 1st time stamper...she has done a brilliant job. No shame in letting the hubby's parent....more good comes of the gals time together...and breaks the monotony of the kitchen huddle. ooxx