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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ferrero's never looked so GOOD

How do you make a box of chocolates look a homemade box of course.

I started out with the Ferrero's 9 pack selection as a thank-you gift for a lovely lady who was kind enough to pick up some urgent stock for our business while she was shopping down in Albany. It was greatly appreciated so instead of giving her a boring 'old' box of chocolates I bling'd it up in a homemade box.


Mmmmmm the chocolates, where it all started


How could I make a box with 3 compartments, one for each type of chocolate??? 7x Scallop Envelopes all joined up in a half hexogon....

Picture looking straight on:

Picture looking from above (can you see the compartments). It is such a cute box and a gorgeous way to present a "yummy" thank-you gift!


  1. I have this on my wish list Katie....r u getting me back for the B'fly die???? AAARRRGGGHHH this is so stinkin GORJUS!!! Brilliant idea hunni. LOVE it. ooxx

  2. Baahaaa no Lynda not getting you back. I just got my b'fly die yesterday, might be a good one to play with in a couple of weeks at girls craft weekend away from kiddies and hubby's YAY (PS slightly excited about weekend away LOL)

  3. Wow Katie you are clever chick aren'.
    A weekend away without kids and DH how lovely.
    Have a great time.

  4. How funny! I was munching on some Ferrero Roche while I was reading this post! (Ssshhh ... don't tell Lynda!) Thanks for popping by and leaving some blog love on my blog! Hugs xxaxx