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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Percy Train Cake

Just thought I would show you all some photos of Master 3's birthday cake.

He wanted the train cake from the Woman's Weekly cake book but "Percy please mummy" so this is what I came up with:

Master 3 and his best mate, all smiles coz Percy looks GREAT *Wink*
Best Mate conducting the happy birthday singing, Master 3 waiting patiently to blow out the candles!!!

Thats all for now... no craft to show... mojo has disappeared, I am a neat freak and currently have 4 projects all half done but can't be bother finishing them... maybe soon :-(


  1. abt baking anothe MAGICAL cake to re-ignite the mojo. Katie this cake is brilliant and I am sure it will be spoken abt for many years to come. Esp by Lachy!!! ooxx

  2. I just googled "Percy Cake" and came upon your amazing cake. Would you be willing to share the size of the pans you used to create Percy? I've done a dry-run for my son's 3rd birthday with bread pans, but Percy looked sad and small.

    1. HI Super+adjective, thanks for the lovely compliments. I actually just used a square cake x 3 and then used an electric knife to cut out all the shapes, hence why it was a bit wonky. Have fun playing and creating!