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Friday, October 28, 2011

Thanks for feeding the dogs

My gorgeous friend and her daughter feed the dogs while we met up with Mum & Dad for a weekend camping & also to pick up Mr 3.

I was really looking forward to camping as the weather had been nice all week. Pity the weekend wasn't that wonderful but for some reason I still enjoyed it (even at 6months pregnant and sleeping on a self inflating mattress). We arrived on the Friday night and luckily enough it stopped raining just for us to put the tent up (Mum & Dad had their caravan).... Unfortunately on Saturday it just didn't give up so we went into the little town near by & had morning tea & some sight seeing (in the car LOL) then spent most of the day in the caravan playing games, about 5 o'clock I thought I better go and get Mr 3 bed ready in the tent... Holey Moley the tent was flooded, with the way the wind was swirling & the rain falling it really wasn't a surprise but EVERYTHING was wet, mattress's, sleeping bags, pillows were dripping with water, even Mr 3's Kiki the Koala was wet. So what to do now as there was no way we could sleep in the tent as you had to wade through the water to even get to the soaking beds.... A solution was found, we would all try and bunk in the Caravan. Dad very nicely gave up his bed for pregnant me, Mr 3 & Gramps (my dad) got the couch mattress's on the floor and Hubby somehow slept in the car. I don't any of us really sleep, but it is a story to tell LOL...

Anyway back to the dogs. My friend and her daughter feed them for us as it was a 'no dog' campsite so as a thank-you I made them both a gorgeous beaded necklace (forgot to take photo, whoops) and  cute little jewellery boxes to put them in.


  1. What a wonderful idea to give Katie. I esp love the b'fly embellishment. I bet these went down a well as their contents. ooxx

  2. Beautiful treat boxes, Katie! I had to giggle at your camping story (been there ... done that!) I am old enough now (nearly 50) to insist on 5star accommodation!!! I am sooooo over the camping after doing it with 5 kids!!!! Hugs xx