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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thanks Mum and Dad

My Mum & Dad had Mr 3 for 10days to give us a break.... it was lovely, I was planning on getting alot of craft done but instead just sat & watch TV & caught up on some much needed sleep :-)

I did do a little bit of craft, which was this box of Christmas goodies for Mum & Dad as a Thank-You gift. Mum loves her tags and I know she loves to give a special card to the special people in her life (instead of just the cheap packet ones) so instead of giving her something that won't be used or they already have, I decided to make this box of Christmas Cards and Tags for them to use at Christmas. They can also re-use the box for a present.

I have made the box to fit 25 x Tags, 5 x Christmas Cards. The box also has a hinge lid. You wouldn't believe how much cardstock I went through to get this right, all up I had to 'break' the box up into 3 different stages and then put them altogether, also because I am such a neat freak I didn't want to be able to see all the joins so I need more cardstock to cover it. Let me just say, it was hard to part with it LOL

Mum loved it...Dad, I am sure he did too LOL!!!

I don't remember everything I have used but I am sure you can figure it. If not, leave me a message and I will find out for you.

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  1. OOOooooooooeeeeeeeeeee this is such a great gift Katie and I bet it was a hit. So glad to know there is another anal retentive out there who needs perfection to be satisfied....hee hee hee. I really do love this idea. ooxx